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Specializing in parts and materials, we have facilities for a variety of processes to mold composite materials and engineering plastic products and obtain many years of experience and product manufacturing skills such as parts and equipment developed by our researchers.

This enables us to produce parts of various industrial equipment (plastic molding products, locking devices, Urea / Fuel Cap, Urea / Fuel Tank, etc.) such as construction equipment, agricultural machinery, leisure goods, commercial vehicles and indirect supply them to VOLVO, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Doosan Infracore, making it possible to produce and supply the best products that satisfy domestic and international standards.

In addition, our researchers are making every effort for the localization of parts and materials to impress customers by implementing products that are higher than customers' needs and be reborn as a company specializing in parts and materials.

Our employees believe that customer satisfaction is our top priority and promise our customers that we will grow into a first-class company with our management philosophy of living together by challenging to developing new products based on trust

Thank you

Gubo CEO Hong Gyu Kim